Baquacil® CDX System

The Clear Path to Pool Care Bliss

Pool Care That's Effective

With premium BAQUACIL® pool care products, you can finally achieve the kind of clarity your pool was designed for in the first place. After all, BAQUACIL® brand does away with tedious pool care by enabling you to convert your pool into a chlorine-free, carefree sanctuary in less than 24 hours. The result? Clear, beautiful water that's gentle on eyes, hair and skin, not to mention pool surfaces and swimsuits. This is the power of the Baquacil CDX System.

3 Steps to Bliss. Simple to Use. Easy to Love.

The BAQUACIL CDX System is a chlorine-free system specially formulated to maintain a consistent oxidizer residual in pool water. The oxidizer residual in pool water plays a significant role in removing contaminants that put a strain on the pool and keeping the pool clear all season long. Better still, this system is ideal for all pools.

Here's how it works:

1. Sanitize with: BAQUACIL® Swimming Pool Sanitizer and Algistat
2. Oxidize with: BAQUACIL® Oxidizer
3. Maintain oxidizer residual and water clarity with BAQUACIL® CDX® product

For areas where algae problems are prevalent or in pools with a history of recurring algae, a preventative dose of BAQUACIL® Algicide or BAQUACIL® Performance Algicide may be added to the weekly BAQUACIL® CDX® System routine during the hottest months of the summer. Be sure to follow label directions for dosage recommendations.


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