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Experience the Best Spa Water Possible

The exclusive ACE salt water system is an option for all Highlife®, Highlife NXT and Limelight® Collection spa models.

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Go with the system that makes your spa water look, feel and smell great. Salt Water Systems make caring for your hot tub simple, giving you more time to enjoy and make memories!

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Enjoy more natural spa water with less harsh chemicals.

Only the ACE system creates "active oxygen" and other powerful cleaners from just a little bit of salt and your spa water. So, there are fewer chemicals added.

The ACE® system eliminates side effects and creates spa water that looks, feels and even smells great!

How It Works:

Simple care

Less time spent on maintenance means more time enjoying your spa.

The ACE system automatically generates chlorine and other cleaners for a set amount of time each day, based on your input. So the system is keeping your spa water clean, even when you haven't given water care a thought.

With proper care you will drain and refill your spa less often, because the ACE system helps spa water last longer - up to 12 months.


Feels better

No more dry skin, irritated eyes, or strong chlorine smells.

Using patented diamond technology, only the ACE system eliminates contaminants that impact water quality. With silky soft spa water that looks, feels and smells this good you will use your spa more often.

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