Highlife Spas from Hot Springs Color Options


The innovative Prodigy comfortably seats 5 people, with a variety of innovative jet configurations in each seating location. In addition to soothing massage, this luxurious spa’s sensible style and design help it fit perfectly in any yard space.

Value is a Brand you can Trust

It's quality features that work and stand up to everyday use. Easy care, low maintenance and energy efficiency. Service that's there if you need it, backed by a solid hot tub warranty. Value is features and quality at a price that fits your budget.

Cabinet Colors
Teak Hot Tub Colors

Alpine White Shell

Alpine Teak Hot Tub

Alpine White & Teak Cabinet

Alpine Mocha Hot Tub

Alpine White & Mocha Cabinet

Alpine Gray Hot Tub

Alpine White & Monterey Gray Cabinet

Ice Gray Shell

Gray Hot Tub

Ice Gray & Monterey Gray Shell

Gray Mocha Hot Tub

Ice Gray & Mocha Shell

Creme Shell

Creme Teak Hot Tub

Creme & Teak Cabinet

Creme Mocha Hot Tub

Creme & Mocha Cabinet

Desert Shell

Desert Teak Hot Tub

Desert & Teak Cabinet

Desert Mocha Hot Tub

Desert & Mocha Cabinet

Tuscan Sun Shell

Tuscan Teak Hot Tub

Tuscan Sun & Teak Cabinet

Tuscan Mocha Hot Tub

Tuscan Sun & Mocha Cabinet

Tuscan Gray Hot Tub

Tuscan Sun & Monterey Gray Cabinet

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