Matrix Inground Pools

Custom Imperial Matrix Vinyl Liner

48” Matrix Polymer Walls with braces every 4 ft. around perimeter. Polymer is a noncorrosive material that provides superior protection and offers exceptional indestructibility. It’s the perfect pool panel, which is why it’s backed by a Lifetime Transferable Warranty. 

Compared to outdated, galvanized steel walls, the Polymer wall of the Matrix pool gives you, 41” water depth in shallow end verses 35” water depth, this gives you 16% more water depth! 

This premium Polymer wall option increases the cost of the pool kit but adds tremendous value. 

Under the liner, the floor is a concrete steel troweled pool base supported with rebar. Concrete is a much stronger material, compared to the vermiculite used by other pool builders. Concrete creates straighter lines. Vermiculite, being a porous material can let water thru it and may cause the liner to float. Vermiculite is a cheaper way to build a pool, we choose to do concrete to create a long-lasting pool with the best structural integrity possible. 

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Matrix Power Grid
Matrix Power Grid
Versa Flex
Versa Flex

Reinforced Grid System

Unlike traditional polymer pools, which use only one type of polymer, Matrix uses a two-polymer approach for unlimited flexibility:

  • Our Straight Walls and Fixed-Radius Panels are made of high-impact material and built to be the strongest in the industry.
  • Our Versa Flex Radius Panels are made of a lightweight and resilient polymer and form to any desired shape you have for your pool.

There are multiple different types of inground pools to choose from, we specialize in custom high-end vinyl lined, and custom fiberglass/concrete pools.

Matrix Pool styles

Because of our unique two-polymer design, your Matrix Pool can take any shape or size. The options are as boundless as your own imagination!

With Burnett Pools, the construction of your pool project is a joy to behold. From the drawing board to finished product, our expert team of builders makes the process hassle-free. With an eye towards artisanship, we handcraft your pool with attention to the smallest details, and we unerringly handle every phase of your pool’s creation—from excavation, plumbing and cement bottom pour to liner installation, backfill and decking.

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