Water Testing

It’s only “natural” that a dip or dive into your pool should leave you feeling exquisitely refreshed. With an Aqua Cal Salt Generator, your swim is a restorative experience. Not only is the water clear and sparkling, it feels soft and luxurious. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemicals. With saltwater chlorination, you don’t have to deal with a chemical aroma, dry skin or burning, itchy eyes.

The system converts minerals naturally into chlorine and keeps the water clean, regardless of whether your pool is vinyl, plaster, or fiberglass. It’s pure invigoration for the senses. Savor the rejuvenating sensation of a mineral water bathing environment. Bio Guard’s Mineral Springs is a wholesome solution for pools equipped with a chlorine generator. Your water will always be brilliantly clear, silky smooth to the touch and won’t irritate your eyes or skin.

Add their proprietary mineral elixir to your pool water at start up then take just five quick minutes each week to replenish the mineral levels. It’s an easy, foolproof and natural way to automatically sanitize your pool water, especially if you travel or have minimal time for pool maintenance. It also helps to protect your unit for years to come.

Aqua Cal Swimming Pool spas and heat pumps

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